Final Expense Insurance

Just had an interesting inbound call on my main burner. Was a ‘final expenses’ insurance one. Went through two Indian people (very brief question sessions) and finally got me to an American that works for an actual insurance company.

I explained to him his company is working with Indian scammers because that the only way they could have that number is if they were scammers or they bought a phone list from a scammer and his company needs to look into who they work with.

Guy seemed genuinely shocked by what I was telling him so I explained to him what scam baiting is and that this was an unpublished number. He claimed he would go talk to the president of the company, but who knows.

Yes, it could also be they just robodial every number, but I seem to get a high number of these on this burner and only this burner. It’s the first number I use when I’m doing baiting.