"Final Expense" Burial scam

Scam Number: spoofed
Domain Used:
Extra Info: The scammer is in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
I am Ms. Farida Rahman. Scammer tells me that this burial insurance is for non-Muslims


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Thank you. I wonder if the American-sounding “license insurance agents” know this is going on?

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The background music you played is cool.

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Wow. I cannot believe he said “this is not for Muslims” in English.

Smh. They’re going all out!

I get these calls almost every day – except for Sundays. I do not call them. I let them call me. At a certain point I plan to share the link with the Michigan commissioner of insurance. He needs to know that American companies are using overseas contractors that drop the F-Bomb, sometimes ask for full Medicare numbers, etc.

My Hindi/Urdu melodies selections are from 1950’s. I love them.