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FedEX International Benin Lot No. 23 Patte D’Oie 03 BP 2147 Cotonou,
Republic of Benin.
Your package worth a total of 10.5 million US dollars in one
The shipping box is located here in our office. It was made by the
United Nations {HEADCONSULTANT} deposited with this office and
said it from your email address on its ongoing
Online random selection remuneration scheme 2018 in cooperation with
International Corporation Benin Republic OIL & GAS LTD was won.
You need to provide the following information:
Your complete name:
Your home address to which the shipment box will be delivered:
Your phone number:
Your job:
Your country:
We will proceed with your delivery as soon as we have yours
Have confirmed information. I want you about it too
inform you that the shipping cost is only € 150 EUR
NOTE THAT you provide all of this information to our
Head Dispatch Officer Dr Ben Booker must contact a wrong
Avoid delivery.
Wait for your immediate positive response.
Fedex.Express® courier company.
Dr.B.Booker {Head of Shipping Officer}
Email: [email protected]
Tell +229 620-628-24