Federal Student Loan Scam 202 921 6462

So got this voicemail on my google voice number:

Hi, this is Michelle Costa from the underwriting Department. I hope you're staying safe and healthy out there. I wanted to give you a call because there have been some pretty significant changes to your federal student loan payment options and forgiveness programs. So if you could give me a call back today, that would be great, and we can discuss this. My direct line is 202-921-6462. Again, that number is 202-921-6462. And please have your reference number available when you call. That number is 0 0 6 1 9 8. Thank you so much, and I look forward to speaking with you.

Called on 8/14 9:00 am central and reached a real live American criminal named “Martin”. No virtual assistant this time just press one. He identified with Students counseling center. Once again here is the Whois info:


And once again screw Go Daddy that company sucks. As always protect your hard earned nonexistent federal student loans at all times.

@Scamtheman86#155502 Just got this same voicemail on my google voice number on 12:40 central 8/20.