Federal Reserve Bank needs Apple gift cards

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Federal Reserve Bank-USA.


Federal Reserve Bank-USA
Address: 33 Liberty Street,New York, NY USA.
From: Federal Reserve Bank-USA.

Urgent Attention:

This will be the last you will ever hear from us if you fail to comply
again this time. I know you have experienced a lots in the past but I
assured you that there are Good news for you now, we have decided to
reduce the fee for you to afford it for your $12.500,000.00 USD to be
release after,the initial fee was $750.00 USD but now you are
permitted to pay only $100.00 USD to receive your $12.500,000.00 USD .

Your payments was approved on 5 March 2024 for you to receive but
due to the high volume of the fee which the management has reduced to
$100.00 USD for the Stamp and signing for your fund release, please
send the charge through the below listed options

  1. Bitcoin deposit address below < 1JpaFZr9zD96UUeQsccujXRVgSV82ifJKr >

  2. Send gift cards such as: APPLE CARD OR STEAM WALLET CARD.

I assured you that If I fail to release your payment after the $100.00
USD as promised, don’t count on me again, I cannot fail you, I promise
you, don’t fear as soon as you send the $100.00 USD , please leave the
rest for

So make sure that you try your best to send the $100.00 USD by any one
of the 2 options I gave you for the fast release of your fund and
never forget to tell us your best option to receive your
$12.500,000.00 USD

I promise you as soon as we hear from you with the payment of $100.00
USD ,we shall send your funds the next day,please your whatsApp number
will be needed for immediate communication.

Mr.John C. Williams.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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Well, the way our government is run and the debt we are in I would not be surprised if the real FR was asking for gift cards!

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