FCC orders telecom providers to BLOCK "extended warranty" scam calls

SOURCE: The FCC is cracking down on ‘auto warranty’ robocalls - CNN

  • All US telecom providers are now required to block millions of extended warranty robocalls per day and stop carrying calls linked to 13 individuals and six scam companies from places like California, Texas and Hungary.
  • Automated calls made without the recipient’s consent are considered illegal under federal law, and telecom companies that continue to carry these calls may be held liable themselves.

That’s fantastic. I also like the idea of making telcos responsible for blocking these filth.


This is a drop in the bucket.

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Let’s see how Onvoy/Peerless deals with this shit. I’d love to see them violate and get slapped with hefty fines

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They might just switch to foreign telecoms. I wonder if the FCC is gonna slap it across the faces of those as well.

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