Faux CRA: 226-646-7812

2019/02/22: 11:35 AM EST: faux CRA: 226-646-7812 Distributel, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Newer version, "agents" refuse to give names and employee numbers until you give them your info. This is absolutely not the Canadian Government telephone protocols.

They rage easily.

Working now…

2019/02/25: 11:25 AM EST: faux CRA: 226-646-7812

They are still operating, but are very triggered today.. I harassed one "orificer" and he started claiming he was the IRS, saying he was in Florida, but then gave the address of the IRS in DC. I had spoofed a bogus SSA number.

CRA orificer Joseph Miller (B# CP10173T) was given a San Antonio, TX number, and zip code… He was able to find my CRA records and said I was audited for 2014 up to an including 2018 tax years. I was waiting for the warning that the local RCMPs will be on my doorstep…

Working right now, got call to voicemail from them warning me about my imminent arrest… caller ID says it is comming from Kitchener, ON, CA.