Farm Fresh IRS/SSA Scammer Numbers Listed Here!

Phishing, especially while trolling can be slow and frustrating on its own. Add to the mix that even the scammers were apologizing for dialing a wrong number and it becomes work. Now that is an unusual psychological tactic successfully executed by the enemy on the field of battle. Here is a copy of the notepad from this video plus a few extra numbers to call any number unnamed is
ssa/irs; 918-324-0128 888-572-0332 800-839-1639 850-601-9016 347-464-1120
406-962-1479 Joliet, Montana (Comments: 1)
Social security scam rob call from “officer gale stone”
513-342-2990 West Chester, Ohio (Comments: 3)
Social Security Scam
360-559-0224 Washington (Comments: 3)
Automated call from "Linda" Stating my social security number has been suspended and advising I call back. I did not call back and blocked the number as malicious or spam.
888-406-5586 (Comments: 5)
Suspending SSI (Social Security), it is a recorded male voice and it is a scam. Do not respond or call them block the number.
213-220-9671 Los Angeles, California (Comments: 1)
Woman with heavy accent saying that she represented some company that I could not understand and that she believed she was talking to the owner of my computer. I quit talking and then hung up.
646-248-7748 New York, New York (Comments: 6)
This place claims to be one main financial they offer loans and guy use the aliens name of Sam Barker. they offered a loan for $3,000 from another phone number at a 202 area code I think this is a scam and they're wanting my information
214-785-1395 Grand Prairie, Texas (Comments: 2)
Said I was fraudulent activity with social security. I must give them a call before they start legal proceedings. This needs to be turned into government
020-762-9429 (Comments: 1)
Tax office scam
319-975-3090 Iowa (Comments: 4)
Same as the others. Says they're calling in regards to a complaint and if I don't call back they will be forced to call many HR dept or payroll dept
888-515-1245 (Comments: 4)
got a call from this number earlier today talking about I owe them money. SCAM!!!
202-871-0883 Washington, DC (Comments: 4)
Left me a voicemail indicating that I had a warrant with the IRS.
210-361-9323 Texas (Comments: 2)
Ignore the call, make sure you put a block on your phone. Social security never threatens you with a legal action by phone. The correct Social security office number is at their official website and is a 800 number. The last IRS scammer incident al...Read more
470-285-2102 Georgia (Comments: 1)
775-238-4685 Ely, Nevada (Comments: 1)
Raising money for vets, apparently.
361-458-7896 Texas (Comments: 4)
Douchebag debt collector with questionable "debt" trying to "collect". Possible scam.
209-392-5167 Dos Palos, California (Comments: 21)
Called and left a recorded message that I have 4 serious allegations passed on my name and if I don't call them back, they actions will be taken and I will be taken under custody.
516-253-0014 New York (Comments: 18)
This number has called 2 times and has left a message saying that my dad social security number was suspended so I called back the next day and a really sketchy man answered saying that I stole a car and drugs where found in it he also said there w...Read more
866-508-1560 (Comments: 15)
Some jerk saying I owed a company I've never dealt with & it was a civil suit. Said I had 24hrs to respond & could only be handled by phone. Lol nice try spammers
443-410-0450 Baltimore, Maryland (Comments: 2)
410-401-0919 Baltimore, Maryland (Comments: 1)
Unknown scammer faking caller ID with an unassigned number claiming to be calling from a company with an obviously fake name "Outsourcing Department" in violation of numerous federal and state laws. Probably trying to get your credit card number.
800-772-1215 Toll-free (Comments: 3)
scam, SS has been to have suspicious activity.... Robo call

213-220-9671… The voicemail of this phone has been hacked by some good Samaritan. I hear warning message about Indian scammers.

@drwat#71294 How do people hack voicemails???