Fareportal, their main number and company Cheapoair and 1 (212) 478-0335

Nice find @drwat as always.

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Just found that they replied to my email with this information:

Dear Passenger,

Greetings from Travel Desk.

As per your email request for an alternate number has been acknowledged.

Thankyou for contacting us.

Kind Regards,
Travel Desk

The 8131 number leads us to another website/alias, theairlinesticket

We also find that it seems to be connected to ASI Aviation LLC which seems to be a dead business.

it MAY be possible they are ASI Aviation Inc, however I cannot confirm this and will look into it more. As of 6pm EST, they seem to be closed and not answering their phone.


So Fareportal has their own Travel help desk similar to the company that will not be mentioned with the Travelerhelpdesk? will look into those websites thanks.

managed to waste about an hour on the 8131 number before work and got a bank account under the name SKYFLIGHTCHEAP LLC
they told me they would call back tomorrow to confirm the money had gone through and the booking made


Mind messaging that account to Chronus if you haven’t already.

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Did some digging but other than the numbers like the copyright and mail and email haven’t found connections yet? but will do more digging because the numbers similarities are very suspicious going to investigate employees and the rest of my research but they have the same website setup and little details that are very similar to Fareportal just need more details.



Current Alerts For This Business

Pattern of Complaints:
BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints



So after some good ol’ Googling, I’ve found this:

Googling “sky flight cheap LLC” gave me some leads, primarily their BBB page, a com website, and an info website. Their BBB lists an alternative address, 3415 Custer Ste 114 Plano, TX 75023, and a complaint alleges that the number (844) 820-4849 belongs to them. Googling this number leads us to a yelp page and a scammer info thread. I have not called this number yet, so it is possible that they lost the number, or gained it recently and it also happened to have some dirt on it. I also got the number (844) 845-7044 from the .info site, and searching this one did not give anything interesting.

Searching for the 3415 address did not give much in terms of information, however the 1400 Land DrPlano, TX 75093, USA which was on the picture I was sent did. This is where it gets tricky however, as there are many explanations that can come from this. However, for the sake of investigating this company I will share some of the public information I found. The building seems to be owned by a Jagdip Dave and his family, Rekha Dave and Mohit Dave. This is according to Clustrmaps. It also gives us a contact number of (972) 612-1528. Another thing that this site gives is this information:

“This is a business registration address for seventeen companies”

So it is possible that Dave owns a lot of businesses, legit andor scam. Or he owns a few, and lets others use his address as an in-USA base or whatever, remote place idk the term. However, according to this Texan taxable entity search it lists Jagdip as the registered owner (search skyflightcheap LLC to get this information) We get nice information such as the taxpayer ID of 32064744256, SOS file 802805968.

Lastly, searching for “skyflightcheap LLC” gives different results from what I initially searched. I found this thread, which seems to branch into yet more rabbit holes.


Thanks. BTW last name “Dave” is not pronounced the western name “Dave” but pronounced as “Daavaiy” or Daavé

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https://bayfiles.com/rdn6Y933yc/out-8448204849-1004-20220815-235907-1660607947.7025_wav sorry the call audio its their headset issues but she wanna report my number lmao


Lmao great I bet you made her day and mine too.

One of Kitboga’s guests, Joe Zieja lists CheapOAir as a client… I think we should look back to see CheapOAir’s connection to Fareportal and whatnot. It’s been many months since I looked into these guys, but I think it’s worth taking a step back and seeing what all we have.


CheapoAir are just another one of the many names used by the Smartfares fronts

They all turn up in huge blocks I know of with all these names

I will not list any of the several hundred consecutive number blocks for obvious reasons.
I know they’re all full of bullshit but I don’t want anyone else feeling the heat from them and their ambulance chasing lawyers who shamefully wear, yellow chequered Jacquard suit jackets, more than likely.

Traveller helpdesk
Lowcost airlines

I also have a feeling these mobs are tied in with them also

Fare Scan

I know a lot of numbers with both of these names in the front end ivr menu
If I were to add all the active numbers in the massive consecutive blocks of numbers they have in use, there would be close to 900 numbers
These same dodgy grubs also have a lot of active toll free numbers.

There are days where I uncover dozens of new travel reservation scam numbers.
The sheer volume of them in the toll free prefixes alone are astounding.
I know they’re there because I search many tens of thousand of numbers each day.
They spring up with monotonous regularity in known scam blocks of numbers.
Fleecing people in times of high prices and uncertain destination availability is very lucrative it seems.
Quicker, and easier than the garbage low percentage refund and tech support popup nonsense.
I’ve also turned up several numbers in the last two weeks where they’re running “TicketMaster” bookings. They can get tickets for anything your heart desires. :+1:
They were able to secure me four front row tickets for a well known band in a fictitious venue on a random Saturday night. I made this booking late on the Friday but he still got those front row tickets without issue at the Montgomery, Alabama Town Hall mega stadium venue. ( I have no idea if this place exists but it sounded good at the time when I made it up. :wink:
I also have a Facebook group which had it’s back door kicked in and access all areas is available from there. It’s purely scammers advertising their Payment portal services, with guaranteed money within 48 hours.
There’s also hundreds of advertisements for scammer job placement, to setting up an entire call centre, with management personnel and phone agents. Also toll free number procurement and software setup.

One stop scam shop which Fakebook love. Terrorists, socialist lunatics, commie twits and international money laundering fraud artists are to be praised and applauded, not cancelled and banished.


Can you provide proof of this tho?

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I certainly can
I’ll send you the list of numbers
from memory 150 consecutive number blocks in 3 area codes and every one intertwines with exact same menu characteristics, only the ivr responses and names change.
It may be tomorrow
it’s a big list and I need some sleep
This last 4 weekends and occasional all night weekday crusades, I’ve been hunting through currently well over half a million consecutive numbers in the 833 and 844 prefixes, collecting a scam reservations company which is ripping people off to the tune of many tens of million, more likely much more than this each year. Class action lawsuits, FTC legal, court and fine intervention against this company has only made them double down and go all in in a massive way it seems.
I still have another 350,000 numbers or so to go to join the blocks and make close to a 1 million consecutive number search which has yielded 2041 numbers to the same company and same call centre (so far).
The other things in between all those numbers has been a real eye opener.
Boring I know…everyone does it


Awesome, I look forward to getting them!


Among the many OTAs out there are CheapOAir and OneTravel, which happen to be owned by the same company, Fareportal
CheapoAir Customer service: 1 (800) 566-2345
Reservations: 1 (888) 592-6410
Bill pay: 1 (888) 793-4229
Billing support: 1 (845) 664-6186
Headquarters location: New York, NY
Parent organization: Fareportal
CheapoAir big block (646) 738-4820 through (646) 738-4870


I have done my research Cheapoair is apart of Fareportal but Smartfares is owned by LBF they have similar employees but different locations and CEO’s. They are different companies not the same ones.

They connected Cheapoair is Fareportals big money maker.

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