FAO: Malcolm Merlyn

Hello Malcolm Merlyn. Please stop labelling Indians as ‘scammers’. This is deemed as racism. The population of India is 1.3 billion. These scumbag scammers (Yippe Tech) don’t even make up 0.000000001%. Please remove the word ‘Indian’ from 90 of your YouTube video titles.

I am asking you in the next 72 hours to make a public video and set as a "What to watch next" video for 12 months to apologise for calling me a scammer and accusing me of syskeying your machine. I, a UK citizen have never scammed anyone nor have I used the syskey command. You falsely claim that I have done this to you when you have never given me any credentials to log in to your actual or virtual machine.

Also in the video, you must show that you donate £2000 or $3385.47 CAD from your Adsense and donations to the Islamic Relief UK charity or similar.

If you do not comply with these two requests then I will take actions to legally close down your YouTube account. You have annoyed the wrong person. This is not an empty threat!

Due to your past racism, I have got you (and other Youtubers) to cease from using the racial slur "dot head".
I took advantage of Deeveeaar and gained moderator status on YouTube and Discord and cause a mass ban havoc.
I took advantage of Nightmare on scam street and got to talk within your live stream.

If you, Deeveeaar, Kpt Kerosive or anyone else mocks my profile picture again or calls me a potato head or anything else that annoys me then your punishment will be a lot harsher.


“you must show that you donate £2000 or $3385.47 CAD from your Adsense and donations to the Islamic Relief UK charity or similar.”

And you say you’re not a scammer?

You’re a joke, Mr Potato.

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@Nadim#7762 you know Malcolm doesn’t run this website right?

Yea. None of these “Scambaiters” (With the exception of the hoster) actually own the site. this will do nothing against them. Also who the heck would donate to some unknown charity because some nonce on the internet said to?

Malcom Merlyn is a billionaire. He could buy YouTube and your call center @Nadim#7762

He never directly labeled Indians as “scammers”. For instance on the title it always reads as “Indian tech support scammers” or simply “scammer”.

Also someone needs to calm down here.

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This potato head probably works for yipee tech.

@Nadim#7762 Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Malcolm can say whatever he likes without being oppressed, if you don’t like what he says then don’t watch his content. This isn’t 1950, there is an endless variety of content available online, it isn’t like your content is being beamed onto your computer with no choice but to watch it. Making empty threats like you are doing is not helpful, or welcome here, there was no allegation made to you directly, so freedom of speech still applies, making your case obsolete. He never insinuated that all Indians are scammers, he simply mentioned that the scammers in his videos happened to be Indian, if you want to do something to make the planet better stop wasting times getting butthurt over the petty things and worry about something meaningful like the 21,000 people dying every day from starvation. Whether or not you realize it what you’re doing is considered extortion and is highly illegal.

**If you want to target someone then bring it on. If Malcolm is racist, then so am I. Do some digging and find my address (it's on scammer.info) and do something. I'm confident absolutely nothing will happen Mr. Potato Head. If you'd like to make a fool of yourself in private then message me on skype at reaper_259.**

Nadim we’ll see in 72 hours whether you’ll actually do anything or your just all talk which i think you are. Take that stupidity somewhere

HAHAHHAHAHA! haters make you famous <3 would this be a good time to invite everyone to check out my youtube channel? Thanks Nadim for the free advertisement smoochies

You charge people more then their computers are worth. Get a real job and stop scamming. @Nadim#7762

Just to confirm, If this post is supposed to be deleted, do it. If not, It’s my mistake to restore it.

The definition of racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. I’ve seen nothing about a race saying they’re superior than the other one. And are you five? Anything that “ANNOYS” you… What is he supposed to call you 24/7 of the day asking you if he can say something that wont annoy you. Oh wait he can call you 28 times a minute. Go back to your safe space.

(Not my real user name)

I think Schlomo Patel is triggered.

Look at the title, what is FAO? You don’t know how to spell FAQ? And your post is illegal and i will make scamming a lot harder. I can call you anything i wanted. This is freedom of expression.




P.S. You know how to leave.

@Nadim#7762 Malcolm’s videos are titled “Trolling Indian tech support scammers” or “calling Indian scammers” which means that these scammers happened to be Indian, and even if he said “trolling Indians” you still have no right to do anything about it because he can type whatever he wants in his videos. So how about you cut the bullshit and do something with your life.

Also your threat is really funny, it reminds me of an old meme on the internet.

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Shut up scammer @nadim

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Yo, this post is from 2017.