#FakeSite - vizteccorp.com - 1-888-237-9523



Gonna try this

@thunder#1137 this ones dead ?

FireRTC seems to be blocked, voicemail on Google Voice

Bro I called them like 500 times xD they just answer and hang up but sometimes they would talk to me. xD xD xD

It’s not dead! ? I just called them and they destroyed my VMWare, deleted system32, syskeyed it and removed all admin accounts so be careful!

They ask for a customer ID number and if you say you don’t have one, they’ll just hang up

@ZWScambaiter#1338 This is why i recommend you clone your vm after creating it and then you can just go from where you left off

@ZWScambaiter#1338 @Dom9#1416 Or just create a snapshot