FakeShop; https://playstationstore.fun/

The scam site: https://playstationstore.fun/ abuses the brand of the well-known video game house, eye.
The details of the scam account:
Intestatario: Gennaro Ferrillo :
IBAN: IT14P3253203200006571656488

The site seems to be self hosted so either someone will have to contact seem ISP(REGISTER S.P.A) or report to the cyber crime department of Milan(I cannot find a way to contact them.)
Advice: please don’t signup on site as it poorly made and has comical security.

The above contact details may be a start!

Nice, Have send the email to Alessandra Bersino, Francesco Cajani, Walter Vannini. Watler Vannini account is blocking my email.

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Weird. Any reason why?

congratulations for the work done :+1:

Maybe whitelisted trusted emails due to some previous experience. He does have a twitter and seems active there.

The details of the scam account:
Batracomiomachia SRL:

  • IBAN: IE39PFSR99107010510370

The website is currently unavaliable due to an error,

The website has been flagged as malicious on several security providers,
(urlscan.io, Virustotal, Intezer Analyze)

  • Thank you for your report about this malicious website behaviour.
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FakeShop; https://playstationstore.shop/