FakeShop; Figliazza.de - https://www.figliazza.de/

the scam data bank;
IBAN: IT92U3253203200006571761174
Intestatario: Martina Corini

Definitely fake:

  1. The impress doesn’t seem to be genuine:
    The given companies address is in fact a residential dwelling in a residential area as can be seen on Google maps.
    The given phone number (cell phone) is not reachable/does not exist.
  2. The privacy policy is copy-and-past from a third party (“POCO Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH”).
  3. Payment in advance is the one and only option for payments. Wire transfer leads to an Italian bank:
    IBAN: IT92U3253203200006571761174
    Intestatario: Martina Corini
  4. Multiple reports of no delivery, no refund and no contact can be found on figliazza.de - Erfahrungen - ERFAHRUNGSBERICHTE

Thanks for the bank account data. Reported to denic

That was fast! Two hours after my report I got this:


Thank you for your email regarding the figliazza[.]de website.
We have thoroughly investigated your allegation of fraud/phishing to the extent of our capabilities.
For us to proceed with further steps and validate the claim, please provide evidence on the matter, such as complaints from affected users supported with order receipts, paid invoices, etc.

Thank you for understanding.

Legal & Abuse Department
Namecheap, Inc.

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: [edited]
Department: Fraud / Phishing
Type: Domains L&A
Status: Abuse not confirmed
Priority: High

Now I have to figure out how to get the stuff they want to have :thinking: