Fake Yahoo Tech Support Scam Number Open 24/7

Fake Yahoo Tech Support Scam Number their number is 1-800-704-4296 and website is http://www.emailsupportcontact.com/ they are open 24/7 .

They wont answer

@iMosser#9018 They pick up for me or they might be busy spamming other people .

@iMosser#9018 Do you want me to give you a other number you can call ?

@iMosser#9018 Call them now when I have call them they have pick up and I say to know what I did not know you are scammer and she ask me who tell you we are scammer I say none of your business and she tell me to mind my own business lol.

LOL I just called they called me a bitch and hung up xDDDDDDD

Give me loads of numbers man i call them all day long.

@iMosser#9022 do you have google hangout or discord so i can send you all the numbers ?

@michael221805#9023 Yes im on discord ill add you

@iMosser#9059 Do you need my discord username ?

@michael221805#9060 nope :stuck_out_tongue:

@iMosser#9061 Ok tell me when you add me .