Fake Windows Tech Support

Number: +18444100806

Popup: https://d2vuupj7wfxkju.cloudfront.net/

I have not tried it yet, but i assume it works with FireRTC and Skype. I will test it later.

I Called Him and Said he was a Madachod and he went crazy saying he did not have time because he was fucking my mum up the pussy

gonna let him connect to my vm and see what goes down… gonna record it too lmao

This guys are pretty stupid just had them on the phone for 40 Minutes exposed them and he tried to tell my that tree is a scanning tool until the end

Called them up, got him connected and he said i have a clampi virus which the tree command showed so it must be true, then said i have no firewall because he typed firewall in the Run box. They also make you pay by check. Showed the scammer this website and this thread, he still insisted that the popup was real, syskeyd my VM (Which the pass was 1 2) I said to him, i bet the password is AB or 1 2 and he stuttered.

@FOXYCallum1#5297 Pretty much the same thing when i called them

@TechDennis#5301 I filled out a scam ticket on Microsofts website and he watched me do it lol, the number seems to be down now ?

didnt record it, but i let one on my vm and they went for syskey right away. number is dead.

NEW NUMBER: +18442350065

POPUP: http://onlinewindef.com/12432123432343212345432345433454323434j343234jb23j4334rt2k3j423454322343/

good luck and happy scambaiting!

dis guy actually seems legit for a person who doesn’t know about the scams. He sends a picture over supremo with his fake id card. He obviously searched up ‘man’ and put it on his picture. This is probably the first time I thought this was legit at one point, but then I realized that legit companies won’t have a pop-up on your screen.

i called them much times yesterday with firertc and skype, but they didnt answer the phone, hahaha i think they are scared for the wolf ?

they syskey’d my virtual machine lmaoooo

number is dead

@xxlikeab0ssxxb#5390 Nope. It still works. Called from fireRTC.

scraps210 I tried but still doesn’t work

@xxlikeab0ssxxb#5400 Change your caller id.


I changed caller id on firertc but still doesn’t work

@xxlikeab0ssxxb#5403 are you talking about this number: +18444100806?

scraps210 no I’m talking about the new number +18442350065