Fake windows tech support



These guys are hilarious!

These guys are a legit scam because they tried to syskey my VM.

They are already known for a while, but don’t stop calling them regardless :’)

Oh SNAP! I think i got them to deactivate the number, i got real serious with one dude and asked him how is it scamming ppl, and told him that if he’ll see the police knocking their door so they wont be surprised lol.

Now the number is unavaliable.

Ah shit. It plays lots of weird sounds and hurts my ears. Currently, the number isn’t working for this reason.

The number still works, and they sound legit until they syskey your VM. Haha…

rip they syskey my VM but i had snapshots

great. still works.

Yep still works and they seem stupid enough to accept a rat ? just mention your interested in one of their service plans

I got one of them to accept my fake payment info and messed around with their “tech support” for over an hour. I love it ?

I just played them: when they gave me the support key I replace the last digit and tell them that the code does not exist: wasted over 45 minutes of their Indian RAT time. No: not remote access technology… I’m talking they are literally RATS of the human race.