Fake Windows tech support pop-up

http://ukfi.xyz/Anny/edgeitcied/ Don’t click it without using a virtual machine, the webpage will crawl your computer and soft lock it, I think it freezes the browser, then it starts making your computer really damn slow, so proceed with caution the fake number is on the webpage.

Their phone number: 855-393-5373

@MultiDarkZen#123340 already down, atleast for me :confused: Please always screenshot the popup or save it via http://archive.is/ and also post the phone number on it to preserve all the evidence. :slight_smile:

@NeeP#123341 Oh, I have a screenshot of the webpage, and by down do you mean the link no longer works? Maybe Godaddy actually did do something when I reported the URL… Here’s my Reddit post of it on r/scambait. https://www.reddit.com/r/scambait/comments/eg01dd/fake_windows_support_popup_freezes_and_locks_your/

@MultiDarkZen#123343 awesome! Yeah that’s fine aswell. Yeah either GoDaddy or the scammers themselves when they realized that this popup is generating many prank calls lolz

I was able to find out the urls registrar and the fake pop up website was made three days ago as well.

Number still works, but no live scammers right now, maybe they will start answering live in an hour or two

@MultiDarkZen#123340 Number just says press 1 to speak to agent and then says the exstention is unreachable

Seems when I dial 855-393-5373. I hear Cuban (?) music but no one comes online

@drwat#123360 That’s weird.