Fake Windows Support Number

Just off the phone with these guys - they pretend to be from Microsoft.

They ran the Tree Command and claimed I had Hackers + Zeus Virus on my VM.
The Scammer tried to charge me $1100 for fake services.

He got really angry when I confronted him and was going for Syskey but I stopped him in his tracks. Started writing Hindi swear words in the chat box and got really annoyed.

Ask for Bob when calling I wound him up and he's fuming - claims he is a Microsoft Certified Engineer - a very noisy call centre also.

Here is their number and website: 888-614-0555 (US) 0800-098-8569 (UK) - Tested and worked with Skype

They use GoToAssist also.

Have a good one!

Number says unavailable. ?

It’s been hit and miss for me also unfortunately they like to mess about and hang up then pick up again.

Funny how they can’t tell what Microsoft certificates they have, or try to push their “level 10” BS. Top questions that lead to “we don’t share this information”:

  1. What certificates you have?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. What’s your website?

    That’s some top notch organized company, when an employee can’t tell what’s their website address ?