Fake Windows Popup


Typical popup and is a talking popup that will try and go fullscreen but won't if you press ESC.
Number - +1 877-910-4210
Does come up with chrome warning, just press details and then visit unsafe site. ?

Doesn’t work, call fails after a couple bips with an invalid SIP code error using FireRTC.

@FOXYCallum1#4800 Chrome seems to be doing a good job with blocking persistent web pages of all sorts. Probably because I harassed them for months about it.

Yeah, chrome work a lot harder then mircosoft edge.

@R34P3R#4847 Oh really? You’ve seen this popup before? I got it when i typed a forum link wrong.

They gotta try harder.

I know how to get a computer scammer proof.

(What i previously said)

Now they are turning to windows pop up (ransomware) License key scam.

See Everything else > Downloads > Adware/Malware

@FOXYCallum1#4861 Not just this one, there are algorithms that would block popups universally based on the website code, using the same sort of system currently used to detect social engineering content on webpages.