Fake Windows Defender popup

site: hxxp://urgent-issue-no30577-system.info/CALL-URGENT/ms-lp/ms-lp/indexV4.php?cc=GB
number: 020 3868 0181


My site: hxxp://hackingportal.tk

change the "xx" in hxxp to http ^^

haven’t tried calling yet.

Number is down with fire rtc

@ScamBaiter#1845 That is a UK Number and u can only call US numbers on FireRTC.

They know. I called saying “My name is Adam. What is your name?” and the lady said, “My name is prank caller”. I then said that I had a Zeus Virus and that I am scared about it. She said that if I seriously didn’t know what a virus is, to go onto “The Google Search Provider”.

@nickw#1847 o

works on skype (requires payment)