Fake virus pop-up - tech support

old link [dead link] http://alertingshowsweb.club/msie1.php?num=+61-1800-431-441

new link [browser lock] http://softblurbtechs.online/MSIE/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-441

freecall australian phone [still working] : +61 1800431441

Edit: pressing numbers at the recorded menu system does nothing, you just have to wait about 20 seconds for it to go through to a live tech support scammer.

The phone number +61 1800431440 also goes through to the same scammers.

image 1800431441jpg.jpeg![image 1800431441jpg.jpeg](replace/assets/files/2017-08-17/12:04:210-1800431441jpg.jpeg)

Website is down.

new link for same call centre [browser lock/pop up] [pop-up has changed and no longer has fake virus alert] hxxp://viahold.com/1UK0?q=4303000250

new number is +61 1800628619

tech support scammer Andy just told me that my vindosh computer is infected and that’s why some of my services such as Safari aren’t working, lol