Fake Virus Infection Browser Block


If you replace hxxp with http:// and the site above it will resolve to iYogi.com. It must be prestashed with a cookie from the original ad/url it came from which is why it doesn't produce the popup in the image I am posting. Anyway, when I call these I tell the scammer that I or someone had taken a cell or tablet photo of the screen before my battery shut down... so that way they don't think your are baiting them, which you are. GO SCAMBAIT THESE M*uckers! Search for "modderphuckers" on YouTube and enjoy!

Phone: 888-324-0668

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/60-0PmZHIlwo21dnapS.jpeg](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/60-0PmZHIlwo21dnapS.jpeg)

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redirects me to iyogi, could be there company name ?