Fake Victims of Scammers Line

512-537-5976 – Supposed to help victims of SSA and IRS scammers get their money back for a fee, of course. Really bad recording when you call back like they recorded on on their phone off the internet. They say they are at the Texas Supreme Court House. I think he did record it off the real one. Very rude and nasty, too. Now I have a guy I I told I was ripped off by an SSA scammer and basically read the script. Do not tell him you paid in Google Play Cards by with a bank transfer. He will offer to get your money back by getting your bank info. What a nasty piece of work. I also notified the real Texas Victims Assistance Unit about this scam .They had never heard of it before and are going to put out a notice. Good for me!

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That number is on https://www.mavtherapper.com and has “©2020 by Maverick Music” at the bottom, so it might still be their number. Maybe a lil sumpin sumpin on the side?

![image opera-snapshot-2020-05-20-142455-wwwmavtherappercompng.png](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2020-05-20/18:31:480-opera-snapshot-2020-05-20-142455-wwwmavtherappercompng.png)

Cool I’ve never talked to anyone from the Texas Supreme Cotehouse!

@MKHNT#139403 I spoke with the guy several times. He wants bank account info. It is only one guy.

@FattyMatty#139404 Tell him that you were robbed by the SSA scammers through your bank account. They will not deal with Google Play Cards. They want to rip off your checking account. Really nasty guy, too. Tries to make you feel stupid for getting scammed. I notified the real office of this scam and they had never heard of it. Said they would put out a notice about it so I am here patting myself on the back.

@JusticeinTexas#139405 Maybe the rap biz just aint paying the bills. Recent posts in March on his Facebook and Twitter accounts suggest he is still rappin.

@JusticeinTexas Oh my fucking god. I almost got his full address from him. I just called to inquire if he is available this Saturday night for our rapping contest. He is definitely interested in out 50$ prize if he is in the top 10. He gave the address as 5503 9000 S West Jordan, UT 8408. I tried to get the apartment number out of him, but couldn’t get the letter, and he panicked and ended the call.

Someone call him and find out his name, if we can get a proper connection to him, we can make a proper police complaint.

Someone call him and pretend to be the ADT Fire Alarm Company, you are conducting mandatory a check for the residents at Sunset Ridge Apartments - West Jordan, UT 84081. You need his full name and apartment number in order to schedule with him his inspection date. Bam. I am trying the same play, but he is recognizing my voice.

@vadim#139426 If he used his real name, it is George Armani on his instagram.


He has George Herren, Austin, United States on https://soundcloud.com/911maverick

[email protected] on https://www.facebook.com/pg/911Maverick/about/?ref=page_internal

He also has George Jefferson on https://twitter.com/911Maverick

So I take it his first name is George.

Ya, I couldn’t get too much after him on subsequent calls, he is paranoid now. Let me give a call to his apartment complex, Maybe that will help.

@vadim#139423 Wow, I talked to him several times where he poses as Victims Unit.

Ok, from further research & memory, apartment number was P8 something. Record him if you can

@JusticeinTexas#139465 Ya, pretends he’s in Austin, Texas. We need to figure his name and apartment number and we’re good for a police complaint

Also, someone send him a grabify link to check where he actually is.

Here is his Youtube, compare the voice to positively ID him with the video.


I’m honestly not sure, he sounds more indian on the phone, but he definitely was interested in rapping. Lets see if my lame attempt at being a promoter with grabify works. :))

This is my attempt:

"Hi Maverick,

we tried contacting you earlier today, but the phone was breaking up. We’re interested in giving you a gig, and we need a good quality voice sample.

Upload it to “URL_DELETED_BC_U_NO_MAVERICK:)” and give us a call.

All the best,

Bill Paleno, South Chicago Rappers Association "