Fake Travel Agency +1(877) 245-8620

I found the number on https://stopcallingme.ca

I called and the accent seemed Indian and as the number is on that website , I’d say that it is most likely a scam

https://stopcallingme.ca/ is a website that belongs to the private investigator called "Devan" who is friends and works together with the Youtuber Pleasant Green (link to his channel below). The purpose of the website is to post (anyone can do that) scam or potential scam numbers so that we can all... well you know what I mean🤣😂
Here's the link of the YouTube channel

Stay safe guys

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Another number +18582567200

858-256-7200 Still Active Anna Sunday 12-4-22 5:59PM EST

858-256-7200 Still Active Jamey/Jimmy Monday 12-5-22 12:47AM EST

858-256-7200 Still Active Jamey Tuesday 5-9-23 1:11AM EST

This site’s owners and staff doesn’t need the hassle likely to follow with this number being brought to the fore once more.

This thread is retired to the archives, before the ambulance chasing lawyers are mobilized, waving cease and desist subpoenas and demanding everyone shut their mouths or else, as this number (as well as almost 600 others in my database), belongs to the operation with about a gazillion incarnations.
Who just happen to also robocall illegally every day, showing flippant regard to the do not call register laws.
They or the numbers they lurk on must never be spoken or even thought about, under pain of capital punishment.

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