Fake TF2 tournament - challengemini.com

Associated Steam Account (likely compromised) - Steam Community :: The schlump

IP - (St. Louis, Missouri :us:)
DEVICE - 64-bit Windows 10 laptop.
BROWSER - Google Chrome

Popup - Landing | Challengemini

Registered via GoDaddy on February 20, 2023 - Whois challengemini.com

Scammer will send random friend requests to users via Steam. Once accepted, they will ask how you are doing, if you still play Team Fortress 2 and if you are willing to join a “TF2 casual tournament.”

The “team” you are asked to join is Heretics, and you are free to choose any class. However, you must “log into” your Steam account via a fake popup window.

As they were adament to get me to sign up, I decided to send them a Grabify link to www.titsassesanddicks.com and grabbed 2 different IP addresses, one belonging to a VPN.

Scammer has been community banned