Fake TF2 Sixes Tournament - https://tf2start.com/

Associated Discord Account - Lemonade#1785 (UID: 968059236871467018)

Associated Steam Account - Steam Community :: BUSH🔥

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Steam. Once accepted, they will ask what your casual level is in Team Fortress 2.

This is because they need a replacement Scout/Soldier for their upcoming Sixes tournament with a grand prize of $700. They then asked for my Discord account so they can provide a hyperlink to the tournament.

Popup - TF2START - Tournaments, leagues and ladders for players of all skill levels.

Registered via NameCheap on May 29, 2022 - Whois tf2start.com

Requires users to “sign into” their Steam accounts via a fake popup window.

this acc did the very same shit

Lol he just did this to me, thanks for writing an article, I always search links before visiting the website and this helped me find your review. Though I’m not dumb enough to enter any login info, I still hate clicking links I’ve never heard of.

Steam profile Steam Community :: MONOTONY🔥 is in use by Lemonade#1895 ID of (982627129126699008) tried doing this scam on me but i did my due diligence in googling if this was a scam first