Fake Tech Support

[browser lock] http://fasts-arver.online/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-437

second link for the same number [browser lock] http://platform-support.online/ssp/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-437

Australian Freecall Phone: 1800431437

They hang up pretty quickly if they suspect you are baiting/pranking them. They are also blocking silent numbers now

[browser lock] http://onlinetechsupport.website/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-438

very similar number so I put it in this discussion.

Australian Freecall Phone: 1800431438

I don’t have a link, but when I tried calling Australian Freecall +61 1800431439 and +61 1800431440 i got the same scammers

Edit: Found a link [browser lock] http://bigwebrock.website/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-439

still no link for the 1800431440, but I can confrim it’s the same scammers.

Damn, thanks for all of these numbers.