Fake Tech Support

(844) 837 6174

Got a call from them stating I am getting error messages from my computer. Lol spam their number!

I had one one of them connect to my VM and he said he would ring me back once he has done the scan which will take about 5 mins. He then done absolutely nothing with my PC apart from click the supremo connection thing then he just terminated the session. I don’t know if Bonzi Buddy and my “private” folder spooked him but i cant get hold of them again. Wait a second, he is now controlling it and i did not realise lol. hes just going through task mananger and CMD lol

One of them told me to type in s as in superhero and I replied “You mean s as in scammer?” - Hangs up

@ScamBaiter#1874 And he cussed too

@FOXYCallum1#1872 Wow that’s awesome lol.


They wouldn’t answer my phone for the longest time.

I just called them via Skype, and they asked me for my Name, apparently Checked it, and then hung up.

@SuperLinkBro#1877 I asked for joe, then for sam, then he gave me tom. I was pretty pissed 2/10 would not recommend these people

Told me to open my computer and throw it in the dustbin.

@SuperLinkBro#1880 Told me to fuck my mudda

@SuperLinkBro#1880 How do you find the numbers though

Hey, I am new here. Just called them for a couple of minutes after which I hangup, telling the tech guy that I’ll call him back in 30 mins. Just wanted to make sure. Is a virtual computer + a VPN on the host machine enough to be safe?


@ScamBaiter#1882 This one literally just called me on my spoof number today saying my network is infected.

Which gives me a hint these people aren't very bright.

@SuperLinkBro#1887 hahahah

@SuperLinkBro#1887 What’s your discord

@ScamBaiter#1889 I don’t have a discord.

@SuperLinkBro#1894 Found you on twitter. Will dm you under the twitter @scam_baiter

@ScamBaiter#1895 Twitter auto suspended me… Will create a new account with a google email

By the way the number is still up.

@SuperLinkBro#1931 Do you like my new picture