Fake tech support with Australian freecall number

[dead link] https://storage.googleapis.com/microsoft-windows-affected-severe-virus-call-vbc4-mnp1433/Microsoft%20Official%20Support-aus-auth.html

[working phone] Phone: +611800953468

[dead link] https://storage.googleapis.com/microsoft-virus-porn-alert-call-immediately-burner-3x2/Microsoft%20Official%20Support-aus-auth.html

When i clicked on the link:

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Your Google account is not currently enabled for this operation. Please check https://console.developers.google.com/billing to see if you have a past due balance or if the credit card (or other payment mechanism) on your account is expired. You can find additional information at Cloud Storage documentation  |  Google Cloud


Thank you for letting me know. They often change the popup link. here is a new link to that number [dead link] https://storage.googleapis.com/microsoft-virus-porn-alert-call-immediately-burner-3x2/Microsoft%20Official%20Support-aus-auth.html

So the number is 1-800-953-468*

What is the last digit?


What is that service? Free web hosting with a secure link?

@Jnteamed#5145 storage.googleapis is google cloud storage


they keep changing the popup link, it’s now [updated link] https://storage.googleapis.com/microsoft-virus-porn-alert-call-immediately-burner-zinc-versa6x/Microsoft%20Official%20Support-aus-auth.html

it’s an AUSTRALIAN freecall number, so it’s +61 1800 953 468 (+61 country code and then 10 digits). It should work with skype. It’s a fake virus alert. Your call will get answered in India call centre.