Fake Tech Support Scammers

18443242962 I have called this number using Skype, Google Hangouts, and FireRTC. Pretty funny tech support scammers. They use teamviewer.

Website Link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/fd-tt-25/sdfgd/ts-chrome-en/index.htm?n=+1-844-324-2962

Error Code: 268d3

told me to fu*k my mudda

Just called spoke to “Shane” who I had on the phone for about 5 minutes asking for a Skype password reset. Called and got “Chris” who I spoke to a few times. Got “Aaron” last who sat and had 10 minute conversation with me and he was actually a decent guy haha. Shame about being a scammer, a lot of potential he seems to have especially with his good english.

They are based in Lahore Pakistan.

alive and ready to syskey your vm ?

scammer told me he was going to hack my youtube page. Lol i did not even tell him I had a youtube page nor do I make videos of scambaiting. Oh yeah he told me was a part of anonymous and tried syskeying my vm but I had already put on.

Some guy who won’t answer the phone but I hear someone moving around.

alive, tried to open webcam

other number of this guys: 18008616805

ask for Michael

18443242962 still alive, use error code 268d3

18008616805 confirmed active

have you guys found out wgat syskey they use, i shoulda stopped them when they made my screen black, stupid me i was on phone with my brother asking him if i should pay 1$ to them to fix my account issue, and let them have me on blackscreen for too long they put a syskey on it, i couldnt exit team viewer so i restarted computer… wrong move cuz back then i could have changed it if i didnt restart, but now that i did… im stuck, any syskeys you know that work?

Please stop bringing back dead posts. Most of these people are gone.

I pretended that I wanted to apply at this call center, and I gave him a Mcdonalds number for him to call me. He then asked which location do I want to work at such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan ,Syria (I think he was trying to troll me) and I chose India. He told me when I land in India, I would call him at this number: +18447163945

I still think he was messing with me xD