Fake Tech Support Scammer

Fake Tech Support Scammer Number - 844-563-0232 I ask him to fix my laptop issues he say he can but it will be $200.00 and I say ok he tell me to go to the store and get two itunes gift card and put $100.00 on both and I say ok and he tell me to call him back when I did that I call back I say do you want the itunes giftcard codes and he say ok and I give him two fake codes and he got mad at me because it was not real and he tell me to stop calling bitch and I say no and I say to him your dumb as fuck you can’t add money to itunes gift card bitch and he hang up on me .

Are the scammers still awake? Trying to call them right now. How long ago did you call?

@Starmute#8999 I just call them like a minute ago .

@Starmute#8999 6 am over there. I think their shift is done

One of the most unprofessional scammers ever, but then again I’ve never seen a professional one

@michael221805#8998 lol discount coupon from Netflix xD

He is the most loser ever I talked to add more to itunes gift cards but you can’t lol . :joy:

@scraps210#9003 Yea .

But here is a GIFT CARD SCAMMER - 615-240-5913 .

Stop making so many posts, combine multiple posts into one @michael221805

@FuelDaFlame#9036 OK sorry .

@michael221805#9042 And tone down the language.

@1337mathster#9043 Ok.