Fake Tech Support Scammer

Just got a cold call from a Tech Support scam at my house, cant tell you what the exact number is as they came up as unknown, however i stayed on the phone with them until they gave me a url to go to.

Before they ask you to go to a url they make you go to cmd and list the known accociated file types on the PC and get you to look at the .ZFSendToTarget address and then read out the long string of numbers which is supposedly "only your PC". Then then ask you to open msinfo32 and look at windows error reporting and if there are any errors stating "Fault Bucket"

I was told to go to hxxp://logyou.net which is a godaddy registered site to a vishal kedia @ Developtech IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd who do have a US number on their site to call.

These guys are very aggressive, as soon as i told them that i know its a scam he started shouting down the phone saying im stupid followed by the usual scammer hindi.

Enjoy Calling.

only post numbrz and or websites with stories thankz