Fake Tech Support Scammer Popup

WARNING! Explicit content on popup (porn)


Phone: 8777662717 & 8777612498 & 8777599074 & 8552492705
I think it works on FireRTC

@etnguyen03#4267 lol it’s funny how these scammers try so hard. The porn background though xD

They let me into their computer via TeamVIewer. I managed to get some of his files before he quit TeamViewer. Files contain customer information, I will start calling them soon.

@etnguyen03#4272 Feel free to email me some ([email protected]) and I’ll call as many as possible.

@R34P3R#4274 Sent via Box

I called Them, they connected to my computer, the guy closed the tab with the pop up and said the issue was fixed,

i am depressed i wanted to have a fun time trolling him

We will see about that when he try to connect to my VM. It is hileraous when they try to open eventvwr and loads of stuff.


Here is my VM just for that:

Teamviewer ID: Gone

Expired; try again tomorrow.

@etnguyen03#4267 That background LOL, scammers are evolving.

Called them. Their website is https://cloud7services.com/en/antivirus

For a 1 year protection, it would cost me 199.99 USD.

For lifetime protection, it would cost me 399.9 USD!

I asked what type of protection he recommends to me and he said the lifetime protection. So I said ok. He was most likely excited because he thought he was going to get a good cut. xD

Please report this to GoToAssist
Support Key: 720-725-265

Oh man I’ve been calling 8777662717 a bunch of times xD. I’ve been playing punjabi music lmfao.

Watch and learn, 8777662717

My vm is too powerfull

@Jnteamed#4348 I’ve been calling them all day lmfao. Lets keep on messing with them. ?

@Jnteamed#4348 RAT them out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They need to use teamviewer: Fastsupport is blocked; make sure they use teamviewer.

Damn it; the automatic system hung up on me; is there any sugguestions?

@Jnteamed#4354 once it’s like 6 am in India, they take a break until its next morning in US. Try again tomorrow m8. Try to refund the victims.

@Jnteamed#4353 I guess it’s blocked since the support key has been reported :o

They should use teamviewer, it can’t be blocked.

LOL Porn and i said why is the’re porn background