Fake Tech Support Scam

Number: +18885711016

Link of the popup: hxxp://pyroscopemammonist.bid/128/c49090b12bc37a602a2909c244451f-01/?c=888-571-1016&ftfn=888-571-1016

-This popup will keep on refreshing the page-

Screenshot: Fake Tech Support - Album on Imgur


@scraps210#5070 Seems they’ve resorted to different types of popups since most major browsers added security measures against them.


this number is gold...they are so stupid....trolled

If your going to mess with them then you should probably delete msinfo32 in system32 as they found out its a VM from it :confused:

@FOXYCallum1#5126 You could also edit those values. [Tutorial] How to make a stealthy Virtual Machine - YouTube

All you need to do is add the following line to the .vmx file of your VM:
SMBIOS.reflectHost = "TRUE"

@R34P3R#5127 Yeah you could but i like deleting it because its funny hearing them getting frustrated with it.

Or you could be even more evil and replace it with a commandline-only application. They’ll keep trying over and over but it won’t open.

@memes#5129 Thats what I did.

I might use REGfuck. It is so funny.

@R34P3R#5133 I just tried to stealth my VM but nothing happend. i can’t get rid of VMWare tools in programs, Msinfo32 wont change and when i put the SMBIOS thing into the VM file nothing changed and the disk drives, display adapters all reset yet, when i try to rename them it still says Samsung, nvidia etc… What can i do?

@FOXYCallum1#5138 If you followed the video exactly it should work. Add my skype and I’ll take a look (reaper_259)

@R34P3R#5140 Im guessing your Dr Lecter?

@FOXYCallum1#5141 I think so, But i don’t think you can change our account name, or username here.

But if you do, Maybe we can offer that functionality to everyone that is on the top 10 in the leaderboard that has 500 Rep or more to moderators, administrators, and anyone that is well trusted(known).

@Jnteamed#5143 I can, I choose not to as there are a fair amount of references using my username.

@R34P3R#5152 I DONE IT ? I just made a new VM and that one is stealthy, the other one just glitched out but i still cant get rid of the VMware tools which is annoying but doesn’t matter that much.

Do you want me to check if the VM is stealthy?