Fake Tech Support Scam Phone Numbers - August 8 2017

Before calling a number, search it up on google to see what type of scam they’re doing. These are not popup numbers, so don’t say that you got a popup.

To scammers: I will find your number, and I will post it.

18442388666 bitcoin, plentyoffish,elitesingles
18007340842 amazon,paypal
18007048974 magicjack,paypal
18882296124 amazon prime,paypal

18442909921 router,kindle,skype,
18663166909 router,amazon,kindle
18005640157 windows,office,
18446607108 windows,POPUP
18006817208 eset antivirus,
18554091555 HP,printer,
18009190992 quickbooks,
18442409111 gmail,
18003110851 apple,HP,
18668661752 icloud,
18444244260 gmail,amazon,
18444050214 gmail,
18443302330 gmail,facebook,netgear,router,
18662649333 gmail,HP,
18009032790 roku,
18555900444 facebook,
18448970441 office,
18444455762 outlook,
18772240561 norton,
18553442544 gmail,
18444455760 norton
18447806766 windows,office,outlook,
18775784666 windows,
18009820879 printer,
18005103952 quickbooks,
18002132171 outlook,office,antivirus
18007909186 amazon,
18005107358 printer,
18007069480 windows,
18009574801 facebook,
18442408386 facebook,
18558554535 office,facebook,
18007935007 dell,printer,
18009214167 quickbooks,
18002930867 avg,
18772198684 quickbooks,
18667257490 quickbooks,
18552214867 HP,printer,
18772477964 HP,printer,
18009421460 apple,iphone,
18447760777 itunes,apple,
18554427444 icloud,
18889506111 gmail,
18447828099 gmail,
18442404732 office,gmail,eset antivirus,
18004452790 avg,

Putting my dumb mistake at the top XD, thanks

@8BitBaiter#11404 Nah it’s just that we are used to popup scams lol


I totaly forgot to record the first 10 minutes, Yet again sorry for the bad mic .-.

Edit ; For her my mic was obviously also that bad, so she wanted me to type in notepad...which i used to stall more time.

@8BitBaiter#11406 get a headset with a mic :wink:

@8BitBaiter#11404 It’s not just you lol

@memes#11409 same. I think it’s because scammers have shitty headsets or lines.

@memes#11409 No, i said for her my mic was ALSO that bad, i know it’s just me. Idk why but only with FIRE RTC it’s like that.

@8BitBaiter#11411 how do I record calls on FireRTC?

@baconmanz#11419 You press the record button when you call.

@memes#11420 lol I found it hahahaha

New numbers:

18447151777 office,yahoo,eset antivirus,

18009100043 windows,

@scraps210#11410 call centre cant afford to get new headphones. Heck i think the PC they use is those crappy 2001 lenovos or smthing

https://phone.firertc.com/users/5989b1bc74756327450f0700/calls/598b46e3747563609cdd0400 LAMO HE TOLD ME HE IS MY DAD AT THE END