Fake Tech Support Scam Phone Numbers - August 5 2017

18555900444 facebook,
18005640157 windows,
18772166447 yahoo,
18558554476 apple,
18442404732 gmail,
18444050214 gmail,
18772240561 windows,
18448330861 norton,
[*Number removed by staff*] AOL,
18002132171 windows,
18442349752 netgear,router,
18772198684 quickbooks,
18883416651 facebook,
18005920431 skype,
18002947608 dell,
18667257490 quickbooks,
18883009067 quickbooks,
18008130692 roku,
18006058632 apple,
18774670649 office,icloud,
18447151777 gmail,
18662649333 gmail,
18445508555 gmail,
18554902999 gmail,
18553359536 quickbooks,
18552214867 printer,
18009839184 eset antivirus,
18443302330 netgear,router,
18772477964 printer,

LOL I called the facebook one and I said “Hello, my facebook account has been hacked!” and he said “How?” and I said “Well I was messaging my friend until it logged off and I couldn’t log back in because it said it was logged into from new york!” and he said "I’m going to have to hang up because you’re doing this thing"lol

bro i interviewed one of the scammers. He told me he only earns 15k rupees. I told him to turn over a new leaf and that im rooting for him. I told him to start a business since he has an MBA. I also said that i dont think his family will be happy to hear that his money wasnt honestly earned.

Found some old school scammers + a good 'ol supervisor friend.

Netgear support doesn’t know what port forwarding is.


@Ryan#11238 Per Month/Week?

@Ryan#11238 I called one of them and I decided to troll them when they asked for my name and said I was Jake Paul, and then he proceeded to tell me a lot more famous Youtubers he knew, for which I was surprised. I also interviewed him, and said that he made 200K, in which I responded; “Aren’t you supposed to split that with your 200,000 coworkers?” All I got was a simple “fuck you” and he hung up

@DevSx#11242 i think its per week or smthing like that. He never really went into detail. He just said: “you know my boss only gives us 9-15k rupees”

@Ryan#11258 in India peeps get payed per month i have never seen someone get payed per week

@Arshz134#11261 he never rlly said so that’s why I assumed per week considering the amount. If it’s 15k a month, that’s really sad!

@Arshz134#11261 he also mentioned that he didn’t want the job he has.

@memes#11231 Dell number now redirects to genuine ADT (suposedely) because there was somebody on the line who was genuinely english.

Printer numbers are dead

These numbers were active yesterday @DevSx#11280. Hence the the date in the threads title

@Flame#11285 To be fair a lot of the numbers still work (some of them have been up for weeks). Be careful though, because legit companies could have taken those numbers.

When is the 7th of august version? :o

The facebook support line has some DANK hold music, If anyone was wondering what is was, the song is: System - Reno Prjct

[Number removed by staff] seemed like a pretty legit loan service. The number is posted above as an AOL scam.