Fake Tech Support Scam Phone Numbers - August 2 2017

18553922111 avg,

18555900444 facebook,

18448508111 AOL,

18776691193 yahoo,

18005687613 windows,outlook,

18003636812 windows,office,

18442409111 gmail,

18444050214 gmail,

18447828099 gmail,

18442404732 gmail,

18773408222 gmail,

18002613851 firefox,

18009101176 firefox,

18885650777 windows,office,

18005961065 windows,

18882414458 windows,office,


18442306349 windows,

18888223844 windows,

18445916088 windows,

18442457866 windows,office,

18005822401 windows,office,

18002132171 outlook,


18883110767 garmin,

18558554535 facebook,

18887190172 facebook,

18558541405 skype,

18442408386 skype,

18554090555 dell,printer,

18003115896 office,itunes,dell,

18772477964 printer,


18558554476 apple,

18007935007 apple,netgear,router,

18883009067 icloud,quickbooks,

18443349099 gmail,

18773400222 gmail,

18557707740 windows,gmail,


18553359536 quickbooks,

18447909193 garmin,


Edit: More numbers
18009876301 avast,
18556010003 amazon fire,
18447151777 gmail,
18444490455 apple,iphone,
18448330861 windows,norton,
18005103952 quickbooks,
18004906920 printer,
18005640157 windows,office,
18554427444 icloud,
18447811444 gmail,
18889506111 office,
18553442544 norton,
18887405999 gmail,

Edit: Even more numbers
18448551955 avg,
18444244260 windows,
18009214167 quickbooks,
18007234210 avg,
18555801808 facebook,
18772428594 facebook,skype,
18005920431 skype,
18447760777 apple,
18773409222 office,gmail,
18888864355 gmail,
18444455760 windows,
18663918221 roku,

Bhosdike bhen k lode call kr apne baap ko inmein se kisi bhi number pr teri maa na chodi na wahi aakr behn k lode to bol muje … bhosdike teri maa ki choot mein prank call ka lund daal dunga bhen k lode ye le apne baap ka personal number teri maa ki choot delhi se hai bhenchod … teri maaa ki haat bhosdike …fuck your girlfriend …





WOW, how did ya get that much info??

@76561198092788864#11036 it’s his job here.

@76561198092788864#11036 he has his ways


called one

>asked a employee to take her in a date

>she transfers me to her supervisor

>ask him if he lets me take her

>starts yelling you stupid american stop calling or i will kill you, and post it online

>say do it now you stupid bakrichod

>trys reads my ip but fails

>using skype with vpns and proxys

Reported him to ic3.

@AnonyMouse#11118 hahaha i called 18444244260 and we had an insult war. I called him a pubic hair of an insect in hindi. He got to his boiling point when i called him bosadike.

@AnonyMouse#11118 these are some of the insults i used

Teri Gaand mein Haathi ka Lund- elephants ck in ur ass

Teri Maa ki sukhi bhos- ur mom’s dry pu

Chod ke bal ka kida- insect of pubic hair

Chipkali ke jhat ka baal- Pe*** hair of lizard

just love spamming these numbers with me placing my phone against my mic and putting it on continuous vibration. They get so confused lol.

@PNEWILL04#11125 u shld use one of the insults above. They are quite funny in my opinion and i couldnt breathe after hearing the scammers reaction.

@Ryan#11126 sound funny.

do you know any of the specific numbers that got super salty

@PNEWILL04#11128 18444244260

Try saying you fuck the cows or that cows are shit.

@AnonyMouse#11158 I called one of them Penis hair of a lizard hahaha


so i called one of them and i called them a scammer and he was like no were not baby and then i9 said stop calling me baby and he was like

allright mother fucker and then i said

thanks you hairless rat and he hung up

@gfdhsdh#45682 omg they called back and they new my moms name cause my phone is under her name im so freaked out right now


Did you use your proper phone number to call them?

EDIT: Oh you did, mate if I were you I would change the phone number.

UK fake number displayed for Microsoft Tech Support - security breach scam


1.Using the MS-DOS ASSOC command to convince you this is your MS Windows licence number

2.Then event viewer to fool you into believing all /any of the harmless recorded event logs Ares proof of a hacking attempt

3.Then try to get you to browse to Anydesk.com to establish a remote connection to your computer

Two Indian guys got very abusive after 25 minutes of playing them …

Scammers Number pretending to be apple!!!


Please shut them down they are fooling many people!!!