Fake Tech Support Popup - 11/17/18

I havent seen a fake support popup in a few, but they are back at it.

image scam2png.png![image scam2png.png](replace/assets/files/2018-11-18/03:00:020-scam2png.png)


comes up as “Busy” on FireRTC

@SquirrelCub#63373 Try again tomorrow morning. These numbers usually crop up and become active the next day.

Number rung out, I will try again tomorrow.

@reportingscammers007#63372 they’re back jajaja n another number that connects to them is 18889072007 ask for Adam tell em good ol earl nate Johnson sent ya lol

@reportingscammers007#63372 damnnn they give up to easy number not workin on textme textnow or firertc lol next time lol

Yea, they are certainly shuffling numbers around. I’m not seeing nearly as many advertisements coming in, though.