Fake tech support. Number works confirmed


These guys are fun

none of the agents are available ?

when i call i get hung up on immediately and there is no voice saying hello or anything

Number still working for me, used Skype.

They are getting pissed fast, They play rap music when you call via skype or when they block your number on fireRTC was able to spoof my number a few times to get a hold to some scammers

HAHA! I just called them and they said that this isn’t tech support but a condom factory! ? I called from Skype, so they already knew, I’m a scambaiter…

I called and when they asked for my customer id, told them I didn’t have one. The dude goes on to say they are closed and hangs up. Like, the fuck? lol


Still works.

Hung up as soon as I said I don’t have a case ID. Shame, first woorking # I’ve found.

Works on skype, They hang up intantly.

they just hung up instantly ?

I needed a customer ID