Fake Tech Support Number and Site


Called me and left a voicemail saying "hello....hello..."
You can already tell how professional they are from that
When I called them back a man said that he was Microsoft and he installed software on my PC last year and he wanted a check up. I told him no and that be was a scammer. He tried his hardest to stay calm.

Here is the number on 800 notes:

And they also have a site too.



I called and they told me to throw my PC out the window right of the bat LMAO.

@elborracho#11442 lol every scammer that ive called has told me that.

@SuperLinkBro#11415 I am getting a services from them almost 2 years and they always good with me, they always fix my computer satisfactory. I am pretty much satisfied. They are good people, I wish them to grow more.

@elborracho#11442 Sorry to say bro but you must dial the wrong number because they very polite and courteous people because i am dealing with since so long time and i wish everyone will be as good as they are. I am very satisfied.


How come when I asked if they were a scam they confessed?

@scraps210#11452 I would suggest you to get the service from them only then you can make a decision about good or bad, so trust on comments because i have a very long and good experience.


@SuperLinkBro#11466 I can not believe on it.

@MikeMcguir#11465 how’s the weather in Noida? lol im not going to get scammed.


This was made a few hours ago.


Pretty confident it’s a scam.

@SuperLinkBro#11470 it’s a scammer pretending to be customer. He isn’t the only one that has done that here at scammer.info


See I thought so but I didn’t want to look like an idiot in case he wasn’t lol.

@SuperLinkBro#11472 especially with that fake name as his username lol