Fake Tech support number 844-710-5140

one of my friend got this pop up scare with this number (844)-710-5140 on it.it’s one of the latest pop up virus trending on internet.Go get them.they just scam my friend with $1500.

Here is the url.

Go get them peoples


These guys are really angry. Do enjoy


@dedex300#50386 C'mon man how did your friend get scammed by these people? It's the same script every time.

The number just beeps when called. I think they moved when they scammed your friend.

they answer sometimes but are expecting a bait call

how was it a scare? oh wait i know. where they are reading loud af.

@dedex300#50386 Number seems to be down. The scammers probably took the number down and made a new number after they scammed your friend