Fake tech support company website

Found spammed on Internet Archive.

Number to call: 1-800-987-6301
Domain registrar: GoDaddy
Web host: websitewelcome / cyrusone
WHOIS protection: off


i called them and had them on the phone for 2 hours.

i got some of there emails
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

spam there emails or try to get them shut down.

pleace check out my channel. i will have the video up soon

have fun scambating.

@Bacon_boy1223#646 you know you can edit videos to make them less long, like cutting out the boring parts, no one wants to watch a video of someone talking on the phone for an hour and a half with all of the boring parts still in it. just saying.


thank you

i was going to do that but it takes so much time

I said there was a popup telling me to call then they asked for my number (I was calling from skype) I provided a fake number and he started having an orgasm and said this “UH UH UH I’M CUMMING”

mij english its not so good bute why not make a fake syskey whit the report if he pute ok that the key are wrong or the password dont matchs

or a fake eventvwr where you dont see anny warning or erro msg compleetly clean

or a fake cmd where no commands work

He said to me that the cost would be $999999999.99



i did that

Seems like these scammers are getting tired of all the scambaiting calls. I gave a fake credit card number and he kept increasing the charge of the service ?

@WV23031982#658 I use fake command prompt and my own fake syskey that pops up a Tech Support Scammer DETECTED alarm… see my youtube site:


Or search YouTube for "modderphuckers."


Nice Video~!

Dead Number, busy all the time



Just sent them the an email, will post any response

Their new number here:+1-844-536-8555

The scammers are from Punjabi, India. They own these websites:





Phone numbers: 1844-717-2888 1-800-987-6301
844-536-8555 855-377-4677 1-877-541-3075

Numbers seem to be dead.