Fake tech support 4


number 855-617-5432

number works on firertc

Screenshot of error page Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Did not get my ip right or my browser, or even my isp, still barred it out.


Omg i called them out on thier scam saying why u doing this and he said i need the money and its the only way to make money

LOL I just thraalllled this guy. I have a VERY well lived in “looking” VM, and I have even managed to edit the bios .rom in msinfo32 so it doesn’t say VMware all over the place. (A simple youtube search can show anyone if interested). He’s telling me CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Avast, all that stuff on my computer is useless and this is a hacking issue not a virus issue. I ask him why he’s trying hard to syskey my computer over & over & put password 1234 etc… I of course replaced syskey.exe with another random executable that doesn’t run.

My favorite part is that when he had me run "iexplore www.helpme.net" his name came up as nancy jones all in lowercase. It goes to a GoToAssist page. Welp, hopefully GoToAssist is one of the services that reveals their IP... I'm going through the Wireshark log now... keep up the good fight, gang!

1844-280-2802 Ask for Steve

You have 5 Years of warranty and are angry because they just hung up