Fake tech support 2


number: 866-421-6383

Be careful with these guys, got one connected to my VM and he put a password on both accounts. Not a Syskey though surprisingly. Now im locked out of that VM that i had pumped full of virus’s. Yes, i was a moron and forgot to make a snapshot. These guys are hilarious as fuck though, im using a voice changed and they were saying i sounded like a little bitch and im broke. They said i need to get a job, yet these are the guys scamming people. Annoying the shit out of them though. Only Google Hangouts work though. I messed with them for about 40 mins before i got bored of them just saying they were going to come to my house in “San Diego” (Even though i’m in the UK) and they were going to kill me. Please, anyone annoy the crap out of them.

I wasted 45 min of ther time by saying that i can’t see my id and password for teamviewer

lol try this ass well

now the aren’t online Why?

@JoshW#1636 Haha, yeah. They are great.