Fake Tech Support - 1-800-998-4451


Tell them your name is Terry Makichoot and you need help fixing your computer.

Thanks for the post. He took the fake name hook line and sinker.

I told them my computer was INS-- India Network Securities-- and they flipped out :slight_smile:

@raytech70#8778 Trying that now.

Update: He got pissed and hung up immediately.

They opened notepad and typed in profanities. Lol

Update: called a few more times, they hung up immediately, calls aren’t going through now.

@Starmute#8780 Use fireRTC with that u could spoof ur number

Link: How To Call Scammers and Spoof Caller ID (Free, Quick, Easy) - YouTube

Or you could give him the direct link @Salman_aziz999#8788 It is https://firertc.com.

@FuelDaFlame#8800 Yeah I know about FireRTC - thank you anyways!