Fake Tech Scam Website - August 3 2017

site - http://www.printer-support-ny.info/

number - 18774425968

This number does, "printer support", they also have another domain with the exact same format with a different number apparently being about IT support also. I called 4 times and they answered every time. Have fun.

@Bryce#11154 How does printer support scam work?

@Ryan#11160 They print money for you , and they fix it if it’s hacked by mexicans.

@DevSx#11164 what? Are u joking around or are u serious lmao.

@Bryce#11154 What did they do to suspect them of being Scammers? I’m talking specifically about the printer support you’ve talked about.

@Ryan#11160 like s typical tech support scam.

@Ryan#11160 Basically the way the printer scam works is they sell you 5 year security for your each and every printing device for just $699.99, which is standard these days.

@Ryan#11165 Pretty damn serious . (Not Really)