Fake System ShutDown Pop-Up *Image Included*


![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/176-I708Mn2f6zCChL1p.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/176-I708Mn2f6zCChL1p.png)

The sound this thing makes is veally annoying XD

Just got off with the scammer. I have over 1 hour of footage, but I don’t think it’s worth the video editing and uploading. I’ve decided to write a summary instead (unless enough people ask for a video) ?

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-MIusqvYIYRsQ1WsE.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-MIusqvYIYRsQ1WsE.png)
Just like any scammer would do in the beginning of a session, the Task Manager, the tree command, and Event Viewer was used to "scan" the system for viruses.

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-tYWAFWXsLWA4XJ1y.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-tYWAFWXsLWA4XJ1y.png)

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-kK6Z9UmXizWgpJIB.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-kK6Z9UmXizWgpJIB.png)

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-go1UVRWkcp7Iu0Mi.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-go1UVRWkcp7Iu0Mi.png)

Quite surprisingly, after I typed in my fake payment details and it went through, the scammer opened some legit applications commonly used to fix/clean PCs...

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-NTVJQ2uyktBCIe9A.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-NTVJQ2uyktBCIe9A.png)

Pretending that I used actual payment details, I inquired the scammer why he is using freeware to "fix" my virtual machine.

![image http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-g86Wr3o6ZyjnDCHl.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/images/182-g86Wr3o6ZyjnDCHl.png)

Again surprisingly, the scammer typed in a license key in Anti-Exploit that actually worked. I'm pretty sure the license key he typed in has been used many times, and I think Malwarebytes won't be so happy to hear that their license keys/software are being resold (since it's against their TOS)

iChutya plz send the video

@MinCarve#725 I gotcha, fam </s>https://youtu.be/-KnIBTq-xvk<e>