Fake support number and site


0-800-368-7372 (UK)

also this site: help-desk-number.com

@FatSecurity#6873 Why do you feel that they’re scammers?

@1337mathster#6876 https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/help-number.com

What about help-desk-number.com @thunder#6879

Anybody got them to do anything on a VM yet?

They’ve been reported as a scam before. @1337mathster#6882

It’s usually a good idea to check mywot.com for the website’s rating before-hand. Though it may not be up to date, you should leave your own comment so others know it’s a scam.


They follow the same spammy tactics.

  • 1. Found a spammy post on Voat.co with this number: 1-888-827-9060 (post already deleted)
  • 2. Googled the number and found both sites I mentioned and the UK number
  • 3. In addition, search results for spammed user-generated pages showed up (i.e. LinkedIn)
    -- This one with the site I mentioned: http://www.adempiere.net/web/helpnumber/home/-/blogs/pogo-support-and-help-number-1-888-827-9060-toll-free
    -- This one with a link to clearly spammy website: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/call-1-888-827-9060-nortoncomsetup-support-help-hariom-balhara-
    --- Both of these pages were created around the same time, which connects the seemingly-legit domain to shady activity.
  • To me, these tactics show it's a scam despite the disclaimer at the footer of their website.

    The pricing and overall structure on their site fits the pattern of scammer pricing as well.

    @FatSecurity#6901 We should actually get them to do something bad before jumping to conclusions.

    @1337mathster#6902 You do have a point, but I still didn’t get a false positive when I saw these corroborating indicators.

    Perhaps I should've named the post "Suspected fake support number and site".

    I'm not a scambaiter myself but I constantly find this type of numbers online. I post them here for the experts to check them out. :)

    Don’t worry, I’ve made the mistake before @FatSecurity#7019

    This is definately​ not legit.

    He cussed me on live chat.


    how do you get to live chat?

    edit: Found the live chat. They wanted my cellphone number to call me back. I told them i won't give out personal phone number and will call them back at their toll free number through skype. The "agent" told me they don't take skype calls and to never contact them again. LOL

    @FatSecurity number is not working

    scam number +1 888 827 9060