Fake Skype Test Call / Echo Accounts

Today while performing a mic-check on Skype I tried searching for the usual Echo/Skype Test Call service in my contacts. But I noticed that there were many Skype Test Call / Echo accounts made to lure people like this.

You could easily send them a message by mistake. Echo / Sound Test Service itself doesn’t allow text messages.

I’ve tried reporting a few accounts for spam, but this seems like a very cumbersome process. Not to mention that perhaps some of these are benign joke accounts. But clearly this is a problem, and people should be aware of it.


Just edited the title of this. Hard to call it a scam, it’s nothing illegal. Likely just for jokes.

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Yeah, but who’s to say that the fellows on the other side won’t try to record your voice? Not that I had the guts to try calling any of them from my main account, but I see this more like phishing and less like scamming.

Recording your voice isn’t exactly a scam, creepy - yes. Scam - no.
As for phishing (I don’t use Skype, so know little about test calling) I don’t imagine people are going to be saying the username and password to their account. I’d assume it’s just a “check mic check mic 123” or something.