Fake Shipping Company Scam 855-947-0322

I got several obnoxious automated voicemails from spoofed numbers that ask to call 855-947-0322 to “verify missed shipment”. Called back and got humans at 10:37 AM CST. An obvious scam; first time, they told me they are UPS. Then, they impersonated Amazon Logistics.

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I just called from my TextNow number. The woman said she was “Pattie” from “U.S. Standard Shipping” and I am quoting her. I said I got an automated voicemail and she said she knows about what I am calling. I said the voicemail was about verifying a missed shipment and she said again that she knows what it is about. I was about to ask her address/location but she asked me my name. I gave her a fake name and she said that someone will call me back tomorrow because today there is nobody to handle it. I said nicely that I would like to take care of it today but she said nobody today can handle it and someone tomorrow who can handle it will call me back. She had what sounded to me like an American accent. — — — I just called again from my TextNow number and George answered (American accent) and said he was from U.S. Standard Products Shipping Dept. He asked me my name and I made up a different name. I said that I had received an automated voicemail about verifying a missed shipment. He asked what company I was with and I said that I am not with a company. He said that is strange because all their stuff is “business to business” and he could not help me, and maybe I just mistakenly got the voicemail. — I find via Google the URL https://usstandardproducts.com/

The following specific URL


has VERY VERY VERY negative reviews about this company U.S. Standard Products.

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It is a scam for sure. They call individuals, not businesses from spoofed numbers.: 855-947-0322 | 8559470322 | YouMail Directory. USSP SHIPPING 2021 Reports & Reviews - ScamPulse.com

I believe you, Scamterminator2021!

It is strange though that the two people at this number with whom I spoke did NOT try to impersonate Amazon Logistics or UPS.

I wish I could have gotten far enough to find out how they would try to scam me. Would they want me to pay money somehow for the missed shipment? Would they ask me for sensitive and personal info like my social security number or home address or my email?

Even businesses say that they are a fraudulent company with which companies should not do business.
From that URL https://www.bbb.org/us/nj/englewood/profile/construction-supplies/us-standard-products-0221-90171728/customer-reviews , here are 3 of the NEGATIVE reviews:

US Standard Products shipped us 12 rolls of electric branded ULine. ULine price $1 per roll. US Standard price with shipping $394.68. This has been forwarded to the proper authorities. Do not accept packages from this company.


Do not do business with them. The masks supplied were $149.99. They can be purchased locally for $9.99. The gloves supplied were $99.99. They can be purchased locally for $24.99. The only reason our employee ordered from them was the promise of a $100 gift card, which we did not receive. This company uses very deceptive business practices.


Stay Away from this company. I had a nice conversation with a sales rep. I ordered 1 box (12 pairs) of clear safety glasses, 1 box (12 pairs) of dark safety glasses, and 1 box of 100 corded ear plugs, I did not get a detailed estimate of the pricing, I assumed the pricing would be along reasonable pricing. I got the bill a few weeks later. They billed me 179.40 for each box of safety glasses, that is almost 15.00 per pair. The glasses that I received are more in the 4-6 per pair price range. The ear plugs, they charged 199.00. The common price for this product is 30-60 dollars. Lastly, the box was very light, they charged almost 56.00 for ground freight. I mail much much heavier boxes via fedex/ups ground at much lower rates. Total bill for 24 safety glasses and 100 ear plugs with shipping was 647.06. This company is ripping people off.

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I think they have multiple different individuals who answer the phone, and each impersonates slightly differently. They are trying to get your personal info. Also, they want you to say “Yes” or “OK” for them to ship some junk to you. Then, they will charge you some insane amounts of money for it. There is a similar scam with Medicare and Medicaid where scammers pose as these government agencies and try to give victims some “free medical supplies”. Then, they charge it to Medicare and Medicaid and a person who they scammed into believing them.

Thanks for the info, Scamterminator2021. It seems more difficult to bait these type of scammers than some other types of scammers like Amazon or SSA. I am calling the 855-947-0322 number non-stop from my TextNow and my Unknown Number Google Voice VOIP and am giving them a hard time. They are not pleased of course; and their displeasure pleases me!

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It seems that my altar ego, Carlo Goshelonga from the Genco Olive oil company got through.
The scam seems to be a phishing scam to locate businesses to buy overpriced products. Carlo asked for zip ties, pails that would be strong enough to hold concrete, duct tape and strong, large duffel bags. The sales rep asked if Carlo was Sicilian. They are sending Carlo and his assistant Guido some tee shirts.

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Haha! Could the head of a dead champion race horse or cement shoes be involved at some point?

I just now called again from both the TextNow and UNKNOWN NUMBER VOIP numbers of mine and it says the number is no longer in service.

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Great job! Thank you

Ha-ha! Nice! Fuck these sons of bitches! Nasty scammers!

If you want to have more fun, here is another good one - 877-592-1057. Scammers who pose as Medicare, “Medicare Rewards” and “National Benefits Advisors”. Nasty sons of bitches!

I think, they are back in service. I called from a different number and got humans at 3:11 PM CST at 855-947-0322